Reviewing the Advantages of Taking PALS and ACLS Certification Course

2aclsThe Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course and the PALS online renewal certification are courses that provide medical practitioners and health workers with skills to perform the PALS clinical intervention for emergency treatment of cardiac related illnesses such as stroke and cardiac arrest. The procedure involves analyzing of the heart rhythm of the patient among other vital signs. The practitioner will then administer various drugs and use airway devices as a means of intervention.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association provides an oversight for the training, examination, certification and re-certification of the PALS course. The association in conjunction with the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation reviews the PALS guideline every 5 years. This means that medical practitioners who use the emergency medical procedure will need to get re-certified every time a new set of guidelines is released.

PALS Algorithms

The medical procedure guidelines are set in rules referred to as algorithms. PALS has 7 algorithms which are Cardiac Arrest Algorithm, Suspected Stroke Algorithm, Acute Coronary Syndromes Algorithm, Tachycardia Algorithms, Asystole Algorithm, Bradycardia Algorithm and Pulseless VT Algorithm.

Who Should Take The Course?

The PALS certification should be undertaken by a wide range of practitioners including medical physicians, registered nurses, paramedics, dentists, pharmacists, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, advanced emergency medical technicians, home nurses and any other person whose course of work involves emergency response. These medical practitioners are required to get a re-certification every time a set of new guidelines is released by the American Heart Association.

8 Advantages of Taking the PALS Online Renewal Course Online

Traditionally, the course had to be taken in a classroom from various accredited colleges. However, thanks to the advent of the internet, you can now take the PALS renewal course online. The introduction of the online certification alternative has come with a myriad of advantages. Below are 8 of these advantages;

1. Flexible Learning Opportunity

Other courses that are available include ACLS online. The ACLS online course is designed to be performed in the home or office rather than in a classroom. The ACLS online certification renewal course can be taken from any location as long as there is access to internet connectivity. This is especially ideal for individuals who travel a lot in their nature of work or the workers who work in remote areas or areas that are far from a college offering the certification. The flexibility also means that you can take the courses at the times that you are available. Therefore, if you are a nurse or a paramedic who works on complex shifts, you can always take the course at the time available to you.

2. Convenience of Learning

Another major advantage of taking the online course is that you get to take your lessons at the comfort of your home. Since the studies are available online, you do not need to be away from your family when taking the course. This makes it ideal for nursing mothers, people who live far from colleges and generally for the convenience of not having to travel to a location away from home to access the course.

3. Cheaper to Take Course Online

There are different rates charged by different online institutes for the ACLS online certification. However, all those who offer the course online charge significantly lower than accessing the course in a classroom setting. This therefore results in a saving.

4. Learn at Your Pace

Another major advantage of taking the ACLS online renewal certification is that you can pace your learning. There are no specified timelines for taking the training as is the case with classroom courses. You can therefore speed the training, follow an irregular schedule, take a break within the course or reduce the pace of the time you take to complete the course. This flexibility is ideal as people have differing schedules and unpredicted emergencies or responsibilities can come midway the course thereby necessitating a break. Therefore, with the online alternative, your studies will not be majorly disrupted by such issues.

5. Immediate Exam Results and Certification

Once you are through with the ACLS online renewal course, you will be examined for certification purposes. The online exams provide results immediately upon completion. Once you pass the exam, you can download your certificate and re-certification immediately. The certificate is also available for you to download whenever you will need it later. You will also be sent a hard copy of the certificate via your shipping address within a short time. Online examination is therefore much more convenient that traditional examination that involves long waiting periods for both exam results and certificates.

6. More Learning Tools

Taking the online course also provides for more learning tools than taking the course in a classroom. For example, classroom discussions and chats with the tutor are recorded and available for future reference as opposed to classroom discussions that will not normally have a record. The class lectures are available in videos and this means that you can repeat sections, forward or skip sections that you do not need to train in. There are also many other learning tools that make training online much more effective than classroom training.

7. Tutors Add value

Since the ACLS online renewal coursework is available in training tools such as videos and course notes, trainers do not need to keep re-teaching the same things to each subsequent class. Instead, tutors now spend most of their time improving the coarse content. This translates to more quality education for the students.

8. Personalized Training

The online coursework also provides for a more personalized way of learning. In a classroom setting, some students grasp concepts faster than others. Students also have differing needs that are hard to meet in a classroom setting. However, with online training, a student can learn at their pace and ask whatsoever questions they want answered without feeling embarrassed or intimidated. On the other hand, students who are fast in grasping concepts and students who may have some skills and understanding in some of the concepts do not need to be held back by the rest of the class. This therefore greatly improves the quality of learning.

Taking the ACLS online renewal course online is really much more convenient that the traditional way of classroom studying. In fact, this online certification option has resulted in a significant increase in the number of practitioners with the ACLS certification and re-certification.